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Collection by Maya Green

All artists paint with color. But in the hands of Maya Green; color takes on a whole different spectrum of meaning.

It’s almost as if color was created for her to use. Her bold reds, dramatic blues, and sunshine yellows leap off each and every canvas and envelop the viewer in their elemental energy.

She says: ““For me, the piece is completed when I have an irresistible feeling to walk into it and enjoy walking there.” Her incredible gift means that she transmits this feeling to her viewer; immersing them in the emotions created by her vivid palette, and compelling them to walk with her.

And nowhere is this spectacular talent for color more apparent than in her aptly named collection: “The Elements of Bright Sun”. Each piece is a journey into the vivid, dramatic, landscapes that have inspired her work; and describes the spiritual beauty she finds in nature.

Maya believes that her landscapes should help people to see the beauty most of us miss in our frantic lives. She says: “In my pictures, I try to catch the moment and give people the opportunity to look at that natural beauty and take a break. It’s important because people are so busy nowadays they easily forget they’re part of that beauty.”

In this latest collection she has achieved a respect for beauty and color that is extraordinary. In award-winning piece, “The Beautiful Land”, this makes itself felt in broad sweeps of powerful yellow, vivid ultramarine, and dynamic reds that take your breath away. All are applied with a palette knife, as Maya believes it expresses energy no brush can.

Maya is truly a global artist: having lived in Israel, the US and her native Ukraine. Her experience on three continents informs her work to the present day and can be felt in the depth of response she consistently evokes as an artist.

For Maya, being an artist is not merely a profession but a state of being. When she paints she is absorbed entirely in the act of creation, intuitively choosing the dynamic colors that define her paintings. She believes that color has transformative power and positive healing energy, and her work is testament to that belief.

This collection, “The Elements of Bright Sun”, has the power to uplift, captivate and transform with its brilliance and energy, making us all feel touched by the bright, bright sun that is Maya Green.