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Posted on: September 29, 2009



Los Angeles, CA

May 20, 2009

Award Winning Artist Brings Light to Those in Need

Renowned artist, Maya Green, donates her work to help those in need of mental and emotional uplift.

Artist, Maya Green, this week donated a valuable collection of her popular art to The Elements of Bright Sun (TEOBS) Foundation in Los Angeles; which provides free artwork to hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers.

The non-profit organization aims to promote healing through art, believing bright colors and light promote health and increase happiness.

TEOBS founder, Irena Orlov, said of Maya Green’s contribution: “TEOBS is honored to have received such a generous donation. Maya Green’s work is incredibly dynamic and uplifting, and as a result of her gift many people will feel the brilliant positivity of her art, at times when they are most in need.”

The original paintings and Giclée prints will be offered for sale on the TEOBS website (www.teobs.com). Once the paintings are sold, large edition prints will be made with the proceeds, and placed free of charge in public places where they can best promote healing.

Maya Green is an internationally renowned artist who has exhibited all over the world, and whose work hangs in collections on four continents. Her incredible gift for using color and light to enliven her work sets her apart from other artists.

Her collection “The Elements of Bright Sun” (www.yessy.com/MAYA) received so much acclaim and generated so much positive response, it inspired the creation of TEOBS Foundation. Maya believes her gift can help bring positive changes to peoples’ lives. She says: “I’m an artist because it’s my nature and, in a certain way, my instinct; I can’t live the other way. When people see my paintings I’d like them to be happier and kinder.”

Irena Orlov formed TEOBS Foundation after receiving thousands of responses to Maya’s work. It became clear to Irena that art has the power to affect peoples’ well being in a very real way. Irena said: “TEOBS Foundation is the bridge between artists who create optimistically bright and energizing art, and people who experience a lack of positive emotions. TEOBS supports the artists by helping them bring their colorful work to people whom it can help balance their physical and emotional states and facilitate healing.”

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